Thursday, August 15, 2019

Australia Reflection

My favourite part was having a lovely holiday with my family and seeing all the Australian natives.
One moment I enjoyed was over coming my fear of water slides and going on three of them.
I would recommend the surf club for mouthwatering dinners, the Australia zoo to see and perhaps get close to the natives, going to the theme parks [movie world, sea world and wet'n'wild] with your family. My favourite dinner place was the surf club because they had very quick service and yummy food.I really appreciated getting to go to Australia again and spend some quality time with my family.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Australia Week 2 Day 14

                                               WEEK 2, DAY 14 SATURDAY
Today was our last day in Aussie so we were flying home today. I was begging to stay not that I didn't miss home it was just that i'd had so much fun and I didn't want it to end. Vroom! we were on the plane back to NZ and our home but I wasn't nervous anymore. It was pouring down with rain when we arrived so we had to get off the plane and take a bus to the airport where we got our car and drove to the hotel we were staying in. What a great holiday!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Australia Week 2 Day 13

                                                 WEEK 2 DAY 13, FRIDAY
Today we were going back to movie world and I was determined to go on some more rides today. The first ride we were going on was the superman escape I had some debating about whether I should do it or not but in the end I decided to go on it. I jumped in next to dad and mum and Jacob were behind us. The ride started going nice and slow and superman was talking to us then he said don't worry only superman can get us out of this then we sped out of the cave and into the light I screamed the whole way the speed and g-force was incredible when we got of we meet our Wahanui's and went to the next ride. This was another roller coaster the Green lantern there was rows of four so I sat in one of the middle seats next to mum and Jacob we started going up a very steep climb and then twisted around and went upside down. It was so much fun that we went around again! Right after that we went to the only hyper coaster in the southern hemisphere and I was getting very nervous standing in the line with mum, dad, the twins and uncle Kelly. I got on next to dad and the ride started we went up a very steep climb and went down a perpendicular hill and screamed all the way down and around the loppty loop. We spent the rest of the day doing all the max thrill rides including the bat wing space shot and the doomsday destroyer.

Friday, August 9, 2019

A-Z Serena

WALT: We are learning about a story called on the trail of a taniwha and this is our close activity.
Reflection: I have to admit I did enjoy finding the words.

Australia Week 2 Day 12

                                      WEEK 2, DAY 12 THURSDAY
Since today was our fourth theme park day and there was only three theme park that we were going to so we went  back to sea world. Today we had lots of fun on a super fast roller coaster called the jet ski rescue.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

S.L High Jump


                               How Do You Succeed In High Jump???

High jump is a sport that involves concentration and speed. But if I can do it so can you with a little help.
                                                What is High Jump?
High jump is when you get a nice fast run up from the side you are more comfortable on and leap over a bar a certain height. [ you can increase or decrease the height of the bar.] You usually start at a height around 95 cm and I know that might sound easy but actually it is harder than you think. I'm telling you now you don't get into the finals by running and jumping. You have to practice hard and give it your best shot using your own technique

                                            What Kind of Jump do I do?
High jump can have lots of different ways to jump over the bar such as scissors and western roll. Scissors is where you run up and place your body sidewards, jump and lift the leg closest to the bar over first then the other. Western roll is when you kick up the leading leg lifting your body into a layout on the side or back above the bar with the other leg folded under the leading leg, when your over the bar you need to move your body to face the ground allowing you to land on one leg and two hands.  Now in athletics they only allow you to use scissors.

                                           What Happens in High Jump?
In high jump everyone jumps the first height and if you make it you and the other people that made it will go on to the next height until there is a winner.

I hope you have learnt a lot of information about high jump, with this knowledge I went to the high jump finals, and I hope you can too.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Australia Week 2, Day 11

                                             WEEK 2, DAY 11 WEDNESDAY
Today we were going to have a break from the theme parks and have some exercise instead. So we  woke up at 6:00 and put on our togs and took the elevator down. We met our family down there and jumped in the van. When we got to the beach we took our jerseys off and hopped in a kayak I was in the same kayak as dad. We paddled to an island were we had breakfast and went snorkeling. Later when we got back we went to infinity [a never ending place full of illusions and fun] and Ripleys believe it or not [a museum with illusions and unbelievable things].